We live in a day and age where the importance of English as a second language is imperative. Right now, being bilingual is not a luxury, but a necessity as it will open more opportunities. For bilingual children these opportunities will be translated into social, academic and personal advantages over their monolingual peers. They will be able to develop themselves in a more comfortable way within a multicultural environment, and they will be more tolerant and open-minded towards people of different cultures and languages.
It is for these reasons that Sans Façon School is gladly undertaking the project of bilingualism.
This project will include some fields of knowledge to increase students’ English level through the content of the different areas. The school will implement 50 percent of the curricula in English (National bilingualism) following the guidelines of the Ministry of National Education.
Preschool will be working the bilingual project using the second language in different dimensions: cognitive, corporal, esthetic, ethic, and communicative.
In First grade, the school will be seeking to encourage the use of different expressions, vocabulary and structures on each subject: mathematics, science, English and social studies (only the general concepts; the concepts of the home country will be in Spanish), in order to strengthen their learning processes and thus, achieve an appropriate methodology and development of the second language.
Students from Kindergarten to First grade will be involved in the process; they are already improving their English level through the work in communication skills.

OXFORD is our strategic partner who has been working, and shall continue, with us in this successful transition.